New book brings it all together!

Hi Folks,

I am delighted to announce the release of my new book “This Book is the Perfect Gift” which is now available through the printer Please watch the video below as I introduce you to the very first copy off the press!

This Book is The Perfect Gift… For a Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Retirement, or Christmas. It’s perfect to show a good friend that you care, and it’s perfect as a special gift just for yourself!

So what makes it perfect?

Everybody likes to give and receive gifts. Walk into any store and you’ll find a massive array of choices on the shelf. There are cheap gifts, novelty gifts, big gifts, small gifts, gifts that last but a moment, and some that will last for a few years. However, regardless of their cost and character, there seem to be very few gifts that actually provide true and lasting value.

This book does provide true and lasting value. Why? Because it is full of good ideas in 182 “bite-sized” vignettes. Ideas are the stuff of life. Ideas can encourage you, educate you, inspire you, and uplift you. The gift of ideas is the ultimate gift of love, because it might only take one good idea to literally change the course and quality of a person’s life. If you give a loved one or a friend this gift, and it makes a positive difference in their life, then neither you nor they will ever forget it. For that reason alone, this book is the perfect gift.

It’s also the perfect gift because it keeps on giving. If you give a person the gift of a meal, they will enjoy it, thank you for it, and then have no further value from it the very next day. However ideas never stop giving. Because of the nature of the human mind, one idea can stimulate another idea, and another, and another. Once a mind has been expanded by a new idea, it never again shrinks to its previous limitations of thought. This book will just keep on giving and giving for a lifetime.

Another factor that makes this book the perfect gift is the fact that it is interactive. Many gifts are static and really can only be observed. You look at a painting, you listen to a CD, and even some books are only read and then forgotten. This book strongly recommends that the reader writes down their own thoughts after reading each positive and encouraging vignette. This provides hands-on interaction with the book and the ideas contained within it. Involvement with the gift adds to its perceived and actual value.

It’s also perfect because it isn’t limited to any specific age group, gender, religious affiliation, or even occasion. This book can be given as a birthday gift, or a Christmas gift. It can be given to someone who is religious, or someone who is spiritual. It will bring value to a high school graduate, a new mom, or the person who has just retired from their career. It can even be your own special gift just for yourself, just to remind you that you are special!

And, this is the perfect gift because it’s inexpensive and portable. We’ve keep the price down to $18.99 Canadian dollars (plus taxes and shipping) to make it affordable for more people, and because it is a book, you (or the person you give it to) can take it just about anywhere.

Yes, maybe this book IS the perfect gift.

  • It brings lasting value that can potentially change a person’s life
  • It keeps on giving
  • It is interactive
  • It extends into the web
  • It has universal application
  • It’s affordable
  • And it is portable

So, if you’ve looking for a gift to give to a friend on their birthday, or to a family member on a special occasion, or to a co-worker on their retirement, this is that gift! Go to the order page on the book’s website  (HERE) and pick up a few copies today.

This book contains the very best, most effective, and most profound knowledge that I have gained in a lifetime of studying personal development, spirituality, and both modern and ancient wisdom. Make no mistake about it, it can change your life.

Love and Light,
Kenneth James Kerr