Welcome to the official website of Professional Writer, Kenneth James Kerr.

Kenneth’s writing falls into several categories.

  • He’s an author in the Spiritual/Personal-Development genre.
  • He’s a biographer, writing and publishing the life stories of clients.
  • He’s a journalist who’s worked with newspapers and owned an online news service.

Using the menu of this site, you can easily gain access to the books Kenneth has written and published in each of the above genres. You are invited to explore the titles, learn about them, and order direct from the publisher through links provided for each book.

As with most websites, this one is a constant work-in-progress. Changes will be made as it evolves to meet the needs of those who visit it and subscribe to it, so don’t be too surprised if it it looks a bit different now and again. In the meantime, you are invited to take advantage of the ways of staying in touch with Kenneth and his writing.

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