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KKglassesLet me begin by sharing something about my background. My name is Kenneth J. Kerr and I was born in England to Scottish parents and was raised in the steel town of Corby in the English Midlands. In the late 70’s my dad started talking about “moving the family back to Scotland” and so we made our new home in Fort Augustus in the Scottish Highlands.

I’ve had a varied career to date. At one time I sold houses for Wimpey in the Scottish oil capital of Aberdeen, and then also in Inverness. Then, following an idea I’d had since teenage, I went into Christian Ministry. I served as a preacher at churches in the UK and briefly in Canada until 1989. After leaving the ministry I concentrated on Network Marketing, building groups with several companies.

Greater success came in the 90s when I founded and developed a software company that created expansions for Microsoft Flight Simulator. “The VIP Group” engaged the services of more than 20 programmers and created software that was published and distributed to stores globally by “Just Flight” in the UK and “PC Aviator” in Australia.

However, through it all, I had a burning passion for the written and spoken word. I wrote my first book (a science fiction novel) while I was still at college. I never published it, but it was an incredible experience. Later I created a training program for network marketers, and then began writing books within the self-help genre. Three titles are currently available in the “Good Ideas To Help You” series, and they can be ordered from this site today.

A few years back, someone asked me if I’d ever written a biography. I said no but was willing to give it a go. I’ve now researched, written and published two biographies for private clients, and the third is now in development.

Then in 2011 my writing took another twist. I was offered a chance to report for a local newspaper, and I took it. Over a two year period I served as a journalist for three newspapers in Eastern Saskatchewan. I enjoyed the experience, but knew there was greater possibilities, so I went independent, and opened my first online news magazine on January 1st, 2013. As of the end of February 2014, I own three news websites, the premier of which (HERE) has amassed approximately 1.2 million hits in 14 months, from 104 countries around the world.

Currently, I have just released “Good Ideas to Help You Find Peace” as an Ebook for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, etc.  It is available through Amazon. I am also in the process of opening “Two Dollar Talks.”

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I look forward to being of service.

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Feb 24, 2014.